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Ball on Grass

Mandurah City FC

Football in the Peel Region is more than just a sport, it's a way of life. From the passion of the crowd to the sound of the whistle, the heart and soul of football beats strong here.


Join us and experience the passion for yourself.


A Message from our President





As President of Mandurah City FC, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Mandurah City Football Club. 

Mandurah City FC has been a proud and dominate football club in the Peel Reigion since 1970. At Mandurah City FC, we are dedicated to inspiring and developing our football players, coaches, and community members.  Our purpose is to provide a family-friendly, social gathering place for the enjoyment of football at all levels. We are committed to developing skills and providing opportunities for all players to reach their potential.

Our club is built on strong values and principles:


Have Respect

       We have respect for everyone – on and off the pitch.

Be Inclusive

       We welcome and encourage participation, irrespective of age, gender, ability, or experience.

Fair Play

       We play fair and apply consistent rules for everyone.

Strive to Achieve

       We strive to achieve our best and encourage healthy competition with a positive attitude.

Be Safe

       We are committed to creating a safe environment for everyone.


       We work together for the common good – for our club, our teams, and our members.

Professional Mindset

       We are honest, consistent, and reliable in all we do, as players and club members.

Our Community

       We strive to create a positive club atmosphere and support the Peel community.

As we continue through the remainder of the season, we remain committed to our targets for success.  These include a 10% increase in members by 2025, the establishment of the Peel Football Training Hub, an increase in volunteers and volunteer hours, creating pathways for players to strive and achieve, retaining our players, and ensuring member satisfaction.

Our club thrives because of the dedication and passion of our members.  We encourage everyone to get involved, whether by volunteering, attending games, or simply spreading the word about our club.  Your support is invaluable and helps us create a vibrant and dynamic soccer community.

Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU. I want to extend my gratitude to all the players, parents, coaches, and volunteers who make Mandurah City FC what it is.  Your hard work and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind our success.  Let’s continue to work together to make the second half of this season our best one yet.


Gary Byrne - Club President

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Our History

Mandurah City Football Club, founded in 1970 in Western Australia, has become a prominent soccer club with diverse programs for all ages. The club's facilities have improved over the years, reflecting its dedication to player development. Known for its community engagement, the club produces talented athletes and promotes sportsmanship, contributing to the local soccer scene for over 50 years.


Life Members



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