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MCFC Seniors

Mandurah City FC focuses on talent development, teamwork, and excellence on and off the field. The holistic approach includes rigorous training, experienced coaching, competitive matches, and workshops on leadership and sportsmanship to nurture well-rounded athletes and individuals.




The senior football division at Mandurah City FC is equally impressive, providing opportunities for players to compete at higher levels. The senior teams participate in various regional and state leagues, showcasing a blend of experienced players and emerging talent from the junior ranks. The club's commitment to excellence is evident in its structured training programs, strategic game plans, and a strong sense of community. Senior players benefit from top-notch coaching, fitness regimes, and a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Men’s senior football at Mandurah City FC caters for a wide range of abilities. Our Elite professional men’s team is supplemented by a reserves team and an under 18's team give players an opportunity to play football at a professional level. We have two amateur teams (1st team and reserve team) that attract a high standard of football and a great social element. For the older players we offer 2 masters teams, one team is an over 35’s team and the other is an over 45’s team. Both teams play in a competitive league and have a strong social/community element to them. Lastly our social men’s team which covers all players from 18 years old and upwards and similar to the masters is a fun and relaxed environment to enjoy football at your local club.

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In the heart of Mandurah, a pioneering spirit ignited within our football club, propelling us to break the

traditional mould by launching a Female Football Program. Inspired by the acknowledgement that

talent has no gender, we embarked on a challenging journey to create an environment where girls and 

women could thrive on the football field in a fun, safe, inclusive and equitable environment.

Our mission at Mandurah City FC is to be a leading female football program in the region, recognised for its

excellence in coaching, player development and community engagement. To inspire and empower girls and

women to achieve their full potential on and off the field. To promote female football as a fun, healthy and

rewarding activity for everyone where females know their worth and have the right to access opportunities

and resources. To build female confidence and self-worth to help with life's challenges.

At Mandurah City Fc we have 4 women's teams, State Division one, Central Division 5 and 2 x Social

metro teams.


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Season 2025 Expressions of Interest

Our Expressions of Interest will open soon!


If you are interested in joining Mandurah City FC please email


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