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Toye Becomes Part of The Team

We are thrilled to announce Richard Toye as our new coach for the Under 18's divisional side for 2024.

Richard (also known as Jan or Janny nicknamed after the legendary player Jan Molby), said "I am excited to be the new coach of Mandurah City U18's Divisional Squad for the upcoming 2024 season".

We ask 'Jan' to share a little bit about his football background, and this is what he said.

"Since childhood, I have always had a ball with me everywhere I went, practicing keep ups and tricks. I started playing junior football for Llanrumney FC (Cardiff, Wales) from the age of 10 until 14. At 15, I began playing men's football on Saturdays and U18's on Sundays for another local team, SP Racing, which later changed its name to AFC St Mellons. Unfortunately, when I was 17, I suffered an ACL injury while playing for the U18's, which kept me out of football for about 18 months 🥲.

After recovering and returning to play for AFC St Mellons, we won the Cardiff Combination in consecutive seasons in Division 2, Division 1, and then remained undefeated in the Premier Division. This achievement earned us promotion to the South Wales Amateur league. Despite receiving offers to play for other clubs, I always stayed local because I loved playing with my long-time friends and teammates. In my last few years in Cardiff, I returned to where it all started at Llanrumney Utd in the South Wales Senior League.

A year before emigrating in 2007, I spent six weeks here for my wedding and attended Mandurah City Masters training twice at Bortolo Park in Greenfields. I vividly remember one standout player, Beany (Gary Collins), who asked if I was interested in joining after one of the training sessions. I had to explain that I was on vacation, but perhaps next year 😉

In November 2008, my family and I permanently moved to Mandurah, and I started playing for Mandurah City Masters in 2009-present. I played one season for our Amateurs, with the highlights being reaching two FW Masters Cup Finals, winning one and unfortunately losing one in a penalty shootout (still hurts 😂)."

Jan then went on to say "Recently, I came across a call-out on MCFC social pages asking for anyone interested in coaching the junior teams. I expressed my interest, and a few people reached out, asking if I would like to apply for the U18 Divisional team."

When the club offered me the role, I enthusiastically accepted the opportunity. This season, I will definitely be looking for some assistance as an assistant coach and maybe a team manager. If anyone is interested, please let the Club or me know.

Although Jan has had a distinguished playing career, he admitted that "Junior coaching is new to me, and I would like to express my gratitude to Mel, President Gary, and Phil for giving me this opportunity. I heard that this year's U18 trials had a great turnout, which gives us the chance to form this U18 Divisional Side with the overflow of players and retain those who have potential to move up to the State U18's squad. We also aim to prepare the players for their future in men's football, whether it's playing for Mandurah Men's State, Amateurs, or Social teams."

Finally, he added "Honestly, I anticipate that this season may be challenging for a new team and management. However, if we work hard, maintain good fitness levels, play fearlessly, and show respect for ourselves, our teammates, and the management, we will be fine (although we shouldn't expect too much). I would like to wish my squad all the best for the upcoming season, and I can't wait to get started."

The team do still have some spaces available for new players to join the team. If you would like to be part of the journey with Jan, then please contact us. Training for the 2024 season will start in the new year.

Up the Dolphins!

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