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Making Things Better Off The Pitch

Have you had the chance to meet Judy yet?

Judy isn't a player or a coach, but rather the club's dedicated Welfare Officer. Some of you may have listened to the podcast where we chatted with Judy about her role within the club. If you haven't had the chance to listen yet, you can check it out here:

We are extremely proud, as a club, to have Judy available to assist those who may need advice or help with any mental health issues. Judy has all the necessary resources to support you if you are in need, and of course, everything you share with Judy is kept confidential.

If you prefer to reach out to Judy via email, you can do so in strict confidence at:

Don't be afraid, nervous, or hesitant to address any potential problems you may be facing - reach out to Judy and tackle any mental health issues head-on.

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