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Jordy Joins Up With Falkirk While On Holiday

Jordy Callaghan, a rising talent in the state league, has been keeping busy during his holiday break by training with Scottish league 1 side, Falkirk. Despite being on holiday in Scotland, Callaghan has taken the opportunity to showcase his skills and impress the Falkirk coaching staff.

Callaghan's impressive performance in the state league earned him the title of State League Reserves Player of The Season. Although he is mainly a reserves player, he has also made a few appearances for the first team. This dual experience has further highlighted Callaghan's potential and caught the attention of Falkirk's manager, John McGlynn.

John Baird, who is both a friend of Falkirk's manager and a former player for the team, played a crucial role in arranging for Callaghan's training with the first team. Baird expressed his satisfaction with Callaghan's performance, stating that Falkirk was "highly impressed" with his abilities.

This unique opportunity to train with Falkirk's squad not only provides Callaghan with valuable experience but also indicates the potential for his future in the sport. His dedication to training during his break demonstrates his commitment and determination to continuously improve and succeed as a player.

With the state league preseason training about to begin, Callaghan's progress will be closely monitored throughout the upcoming season. His experience training with Falkirk's squad will undoubtedly have a positive impact on his performance and development.

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