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Introducing The MiniTilies to Mandurah City

Ignite Your Daughter's Football Career

The FIFA Women's World Cup has undoubtedly sparked inspiration in countless young girls worldwide. If you have a daughter who is eager to join the ranks of aspiring female footballers, look no further than the MiniTillies Program. Tailored specifically for girls aged 4 to 11, this exciting 4-week program is designed to kick start her football career and equip her with the fundamental skills necessary to excel on the field. Whether she is a complete novice or seeking improvement, MiniTillies provides a nurturing environment for her to flourish.

Under the guidance of experienced coaches, the MiniTillies Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that ensures your daughter's growth as a footballer. The program is structured in a way that introduces the basic techniques and builds a strong foundation. Emphasizing fun and enjoyment, it encourages skill development through engaging activities and games suitable for girls of all skill levels.

The MiniTillies Program ensures that each participant receives personalized attention, allowing them to progress at their own pace. A supportive and friendly environment is created, fostering camaraderie among the girls and enhancing their love for the sport. The program also focuses on instilling good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence, values that will serve your daughter well both on and off the pitch.

Registration Process:

If your daughter's interest has been piqued by the MiniTillies Program, taking the next step couldn't be easier. Simply reach out to Mel, our dedicated Female Football Director, by emailing her at Mel will gladly provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have about the program.

To secure your daughter's place in this exciting initiative, visit the registration link: Here, you can fill out the necessary details and complete the registration process hassle-free. Don't wait too long, as spaces are limited and tend to fill up quickly.

The MiniTillies Program serves as the perfect platform for your daughter to embark on her football journey. With its tailored approach, emphasis on skill development, and nurturing environment, the program sets the stage for her to achieve her goals and aspirations in the world of football. Whether she dreams of representing her country or simply wants to enjoy the sport she loves, the MiniTillies Program is the ideal stepping stone for her future success. Sign her up and watch as she thrives both on and off the field.

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