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And the winner of Volunteer of the Year goes to...

During this exciting Female Football Week, we are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2024 Female Football Week Community Award. A big congratulations goes to our very own Mel Loreto, who has been named Volunteer of the Year.

Mel has been involved in the game for over 25 years and has worn many hats throughout her journey. From being a player, coach, team manager, committee member, advocate, volunteer, fund-raiser, to being an all-round club star, Mel has truly done it all. She is a shining example and a positive role model not only at the Dolphins but also beyond.

Mel's dedication and expertise are evident as she holds a Level 4 referee qualification and a C Diploma coaching certification. Last year, she was honored with the City of Mandurah Female Volunteer of the Year Award and played a crucial role in her club achieving one-star Club Changer status. Additionally, she serves as the female football ambassador for the Peel Regional Football Council, where she passionately works towards the growth of women's football.

Football West would like to express our gratitude to everyone who took the time to nominate Mel and the other candidates.

Female Football Week is a nationwide initiative that celebrates the remarkable progress of women's football at all levels of the game. It aims to recognize and promote the vital role women play in the development of football.

The main objective of Female Football Week is to encourage and increase female participation in all aspects of the game.

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