Bar Service

All service behind the Lime Shed Bar is provided by our fantastic club volunteers.  Servers must be over 18 and possess Responsible Service of Alcohol (Club will assist with RSA Attainment and with training)

We require assistance staffing the bar on game days and during the evenings whenever the club is open.  This includes training nights and  functions.

If you would like to help us provide a fun and friendly environment in the Lime Shed then please talk to our friendly Bar Manager, Kirsty Sinnott, or send your contact details through to Di at

Game Day Volunteers

If you would like to get involved with the game day experience we welcome your assistance, either around the ground or in the clubhouse.

Around the ground:
Pitch setup-preparation and clear up of pitch and terrace
Match Stewards (Must be over 18, training provided)
Gate Keepers, Great pitch vantage point (Multiple volunteers can be rostered)
Score board Operator
Raffle organisers and ticket sellers

In the Clubhouse:
The canteen is a great source of income for the club and many hands make light work.

We always need volunteers with food service and canteen counter.  Whether you want to drop in for a chat on Thursday nights to help with prep while training is on, or if you can spare some time around your prefered games on Saturdays or Sundays, it all soon adds up to support the club!