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We Are 1 of 23!

The club just found out that we're one of 23 clubs participating in the Kick Off the Conversation program, organized by Football West. By joining this initiative, these clubs are taking proactive steps to better support their members' mental health and well-being, while also creating a healthy and inclusive club environment. We're really fortunate to have our own Welfare Officer, Judy McLean. Judy has been living in Australia for over 12 years with her husband Iain and their three boys. She's truly dedicated to helping individuals dealing with mental health issues, offering guidance and resources with a caring approach. With her expertise and eight years of experience, Judy will assist individuals in accessing crucial mental health services and ensure they receive the necessary care. She works hard to create a nurturing environment that encourages open conversations, reduces stigma, and promotes overall well-being. With her knowledge and experience, she's committed to empowering young people and families, boosting their confidence, and providing support for any mental health concerns. Having Judy at Mandurah City FC is definitely a valuable asset.

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