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Mandurah City Policies & Procedures

This section gives all our members the guidelines when needing to contact a member of the committee or club


Sponsorship and Fundraising


With our recent appointments and evolving needs, we aim to simplify the process while maximising efficiency in securing sponsorship and funds for the club. 

Coordination with Commercial Manager: 

Any discussions or considerations related to sponsorship or fundraising must be initiated between the potential sponsor and Stuart (Commercial Manager) before any negotiations or revenue-related discussions take place. 

Proposal Compilation: 

Following the initial discussions, if a funding opportunity is identified, the Commercial Manager, in collaboration with the potential sponsor, will compile a proposal.  The proposal should outline the purpose, goals, budget, and potential benefits for the club. 

Finance Committee Approval: 

After the proposal is compiled, it will be presented to the Finance Committee for final approval.  This step ensures that all financial decisions align with the club’s overall strategy and budget. 

Emphasising Club Unity: 

It is crucial to maintain a unified approach, remembering that the success of our club takes precedence over individual teams or initiatives.  Your cooperation in adhering to this streamlined approach is vital. 

Prohibition on Self-governing Fundraising: 

Under no circumstances should any individual or team proceed with independent fundraising initiatives without adhering to the established communication channels.  All discussions concerning sponsorship or fundraising must involve the Commercial Manager from the beginning of the process. 

Inspiring Collective Success: 

We deeply appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm of every member connected to our club.  This new approach is designed not to hinder but to empower us collectively, ensuring our efforts contribute cohesively to the club’s success


 Coordination with Media Manager:

  • All discussions or considerations regarding social media posts or media inquiries (written, audio, or television) must be initiated with the Media Manager before conducting any interviews.

Posting on Social Media:

  • No individuals, unless approved by the Media Manager, will be allowed to post on the club's official Social Media pages. The Social Media Pages include, but are not limited to: The Official Club Website, The Official Facebook Page, The Club's Twitter Feed, The Club's YouTube Channel, The Club's TikTok Page, and The Club's Podcast. The media manager has the authority to assign posting privileges to specific sites at any given time.

Posting Requests:

  • All committee requests for posting must be directed exclusively to the Media Manager. In the media manager's absence, another designated individual will handle media duties.

Third-Party Posting Requests:

  • Third-party posting requests should be sent to the Media Manager, providing detailed information about the content, along with a contact email address and/or telephone number. If no contact details are provided, the default option will be the secretary's email address.

Prohibition on Self-Posting:

  • Under no circumstances should any individual or team proceed with independent social media content on the club's official pages without adhering to the established communication channels. All discussions concerning social media posts must involve the Media Manager from the beginning of the process. However, individuals are allowed to post on their own personal pages that are not officially affiliated with the club.


    • Media Manager Communication:

      • The Media Manager will provide the committee members with advance notice of the content scheduled for the upcoming week. Sufficient timelines should be given to allow the Media Manager time to create and finalize the media posts. This proactive communication aims to ensure transparency and collaboration in our social media initiatives.

 Positive Collaboration:

  • We value the dedication and enthusiasm of every member connected to our club. This protocol is designed to empower us collectively, ensuring that our efforts contribute cohesively to the success of the club.


  • Effective immediately, all members will be informed of who to contact for social media and media-related questions. Contact information will be available on the club's website.

Emergency Situations:

  • In emergency situations requiring immediate posting, communicate with the Media Manager. Define what constitutes an emergency and how it should be communicated.

 Training and Guidelines:

  • Training sessions or guidelines will be provided to individuals with posting privileges to ensure alignment with the club's social media standards.

Regular Updates:

  • The social media policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to remain relevant to the evolving needs of the club.

Mandurah City Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the secretary via email at Requests will be assessed by the committee based on individual circumstances.

1. Refund Request Time Frame:

• Refund requests must be submitted within 90 days of the qualifying event or circumstance.

2. Documentation Requirements:

• Refund requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation or evidence. For example, medical conditions may require a medical certificate or relevant proof.

3. Communication of Refund Decisions:

• The executive committee will review refund requests within 21 days of receiving all required documentation. Decisions will be communicated via email.

4. Appeals Process:

• In the event of disagreement with the committee's decision, an appeals process is available. Details on the appeals process can be obtained by contacting the secretary.

5. Refund Methods:

• Refunds, if approved, will be processed through the original payment method or an alternative method specified by the club. The estimated time for refund issuance is 60 days.

6. Circumstances Beyond Control:

• Special consideration may be given for circumstances beyond a participant's control, such as unexpected life events. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

7. Parent/Guardian Responsibility:

• Parents or guardians are responsible for understanding and adhering to the refund policy on behalf of their minor participants.

Deposits are non-refundable. If a refund is deemed appropriate, costs incurred by the club will be deducted from the refundable amount. Costs include, but are not limited to:

• Football West registration fees

• COM player fees

• Merchandise or individual playing kit

• Any other cost already invoiced/paid by the club in the process of approving a player to participate in a competition.

N.B. Football West fees that have already been invoiced to the club are considered a cost and will not be refunded unless Football West agrees to a full or partial refund to the club.

The Football West fees are payable only once in a season upon the initial approved registration of the season. In the event of changing clubs, the new club should not charge the Football West registration fees.

Grounds that may be considered reasonable for a refund may include, but are not guaranteed or limited to:

• Moving from the area.

• Major or season-ending injury.

• Development or identification of personal medical conditions or ailments that prevent further participation in the season.


Refunds or partial refunds will not be entertained for:

• Simply changing your mind.

• Deciding to go to another club.

• Minor injuries that only prohibit short-term participation.


Successful refund requests partway through the season will be fewer firm costs, and the balance will be calculated on a pro rata basis in line with the appropriate season calendar.


The committee's decision will be considered final.



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