Mandurah City FC’s football insurance policy is covered under The FFA National Insurance Program and allows players & club administrators throughout Australia to receive immediate access to the policy benefits and procedures of the program.

FFA, Gow-Gates, Sportscover, FW and subsequently MCFC remain committed to providing its football community with a Sports Insurance Program whilst maintaining the affordability of registration.

Whilst the plan provides basic levels of cover for players and others participating in football, it is not all encompassing (this is necessary to keep the cost of insurance affordable for players) and does not seek to replace the need for private health and other insurances.

FFA encourages all players and officials to take out their own private health insurance, life insurance and ‘Top Up’ coverage over and above the coverage provided under this plan.

Gow-Gates can assist in regard to ‘Top Up’ insurance and other insurance requirements.

It must be stressed that under FW membership all footballers are classified as amateur and ‘volunteers’ in Western Australia.


What is Covered?
The FFA National Insurance Programme actually consists of two policies with four sections of cover:

A. Personal Injury
B. Association Liability

  • General Liability (Public and Products Liability)
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability


Who is Covered?

The plan defines the Insured as:

Football Federation Australia Limited including all Participating State Associations and Territory Governing Bodies as listed below:

  • Football West Limited
    In addition the plan extends to provide coverage to the following Insured Persons:
  • Registered Playing Members
  • Referees
  • Non-Playing Officials
  • Team managers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Masseurs
  • Committee members
  • Directors
  • Office bearers
  • Administrators
  • Executive officers
  • Selectors
  • Other match officials
  • Ball boys
  • Medical officers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Co-opted voluntary workers
  • Officials of the insured

When are you covered?

Cover is provided under the Sports Personal Injury policy to the above insured persons whilst:

  1. Playing in official matches.
  2. Engaged in organised training and Practice
  3. Traveling directly to, from or between official matches or training and your home or work.
  4. Staying away from your home district for the purpose of participating in representative or club matches
  5. Engaged in administrative or organised social activities for your club or Federation.


Under the General Liability (Public & Products Liability) section coverage is provided:

  • “For liabilities arising out of the Insured’s Business.”

“Business” under the Policy means “all activities undertaken by the Insured and connected with the Sport (Football) including responsibilities as landlord, tenants, property owners and organisers of social and fund- raising activities.

In summary, in order to lodge a claim under the FFA National Insurance Programme you must be an Insured Person engaged in an Insured Sporting Activity.

Examples of Insured Persons engaged in Insured Sport under the Sports Personal Accident policy include: A registered player injured in an official match;

  • A coach injured at an official training session
  • A parent injured whilst working in the canteen
  • The parent would be considered a Co-Opted Volunteer and they would be considered to be engaged in an administrative activity of the club
  • A Spectator injured whilst watching the match

Spectators are not “insured persons” and can not claim under the Sports Personal Injury policy. The Club and officials are however protected under the General Policy in the event that they are legally liable for personal injury sustained to a spectator or third party.

Personal Injury

The Sports Personal Injury policy has three main sections;

  1. Capital Benefits
  2. Medical (Non Medicare and Physio) Benefits
  3. Weekly Benefits

Capital Benefits

This section provides a lump sum benefit to Insured Persons that suffer permanent injury or death. The maximum sum insured under this section is $100,000

A detailed list of the percentages and limits is contained in the policy wording.


Medical Benefits

Non-Medicare Medical Benefits
This section provides an 85% payment of Non-Medicare Medical Expenses after any reimbursement from your Private Health Fund up to a maximum of $2,500. A $50 excess applies to each claim.
This benefit covers only expenses that are not covered by the Medicare Act 1983. i.e. expenses for which there is no full or partial Medicare rebate. Commonwealth Legislation prevents any programme of this kind from insuring the Medicare Gap.
Expenses that are claimable under this section are –
• Private Hospital Accommodation
• Ambulance Transport Cost
• Physiotherapy
• Chiropractic
• Dental Services
• Orthotics, Splints and Prosthesis
Examples of expenses that are not claimable under this section include –
• •
Doctors fees
Surgeon and anaesthetists fees X-Ray costs
” •
Weekly Benefits
Loss of Income Benefit – Income Earners
This section provides an income replacement to insured persons that suffer an injury and are temporarily totally disabled from performing their full time occupation.
85% of your average weekly income up to a maximum of $250 per week for 52 weeks. No benefit is payable for the 1st 14 days.
Your average weekly income which can be claimed under the policy is net of business expenses and excluding bonuses, commissions, overtime payments and other allowances.
Payments can only be made after the exhaustion of any sick leave entitlements.
It should be noted that proof of consistent work and pay entitlements will be requested. ”

What injuries are not covered
All Insurance policies contain exclusions. In the case of Sports Personal Injury policies, some injuries are excluded. This is not just for the FFA National Insurance programme but is a standard practice amongst Sports Personal Injury policies.
The following list includes some key exclusions:
• being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• engaging in or taking part in any Sport/s other than Football
• any pre-existing defect, infirmity or sickness
• arising out of failure to seek or follow medical advice
• Any medical or surgical procedure performed for any gradually developing bodily deterioration
” • ”
whatever the cause of that deterioration.
preventative measures rather than for the treatment of a Bodily Injury.
If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for General Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability, contact the secretary, who will direct you top the FW links to make a claim with our insurers Gow-Gates.

Steps to follow:

1 Obtain a claim form
2 Complete the Claim Form
3 Lodge the claim form
“4 Lodge additional documentation as required
Step 1: Obtain a claim form

Or: FFA Insurance team on 02 8267 9999.

Step 2: Complete the Claim Form
The insured person is to fully complete all sections of the claim form. In addition, the following people will need to complete their relevant sections:


• The Medical Report on pages 10 and 11 will need to be completed by your treating doctor.
• A witness to the incident will need to complete the Witness Statement on page 5 of the claim form.
• If you are claiming for loss of income, you will need to have your employer complete the Employer’s
Statement on page 7 of the form.
• The club secretary or treasurer will need to complete and sign the Official Report on page 9 of the form,
having verified all the details completed in the form.

Step 3: Lodge the Claim Form
The claim form needs to be lodged within 30 days of the injury. Claims Department
Sportscover Australia
Locked Bag 6003

The claim form will be acknowledged within 14 days by Sportscover. This acknowledgement will include a unique claim number which can be used when lodging additional documentation and when using the Online Claims Tracking Facility
Step 4: Submit additional paperwork
In order to claim, the following documentation will/may be required by Sportscover in addition to the claim form.
• Receipts for paid Non-Medicare Medical and/or Physiotherapy Expenses
• Health Fund rebate statements
• Doctors Certificates confirming the period of incapacitation
• Proof of Earnings documentation
” •
Any other documentation requested.
For if you have any further questions regarding the FFA National Insurance Programme, please contact Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers.
(02) 8267 9999 or 1800 811 371 Contacts: Ask for the FFA Insurance Team
Fax: (02) 8267 9998
Postal: GPO Box 4731, Sydney NSW 2001 Street: 8th Floor 491, Kent Street Sydney NSW Website: or