Club Registration Fees and Guidelines — Season 2017

1. Registration Fees

  • U8-U11  — $250
  • U12-U14  Divisional— $365
  • U12-U14  NPL— $650
  • U15-U16  Divisional— $385
  • U15-U16  NPL— $670

* Age at January 1

Senior Football

  • Under-18 NPL— $770
  • U20 and First team —$850

Sunday and Social Football

  • Masters, Socials, Ladies and Sunday teams — $415

All Fees levied on players are used to contribute to the costs associated with player participation in all Football West Competitions, in particular:

  • Player Registration Fees payable to FW & FFA
  • Team Registration Fees payable to FW
  • Player insurance to FW
  • Ground & Occupancy Expenses to City of Mandurah, e.g. player levy, rent, loans, insurance, repairs and maintenance fees, electricity.
  • Presentation Day trophies.
  • Equipment purchases, e.g. goals, nets, balls, cones, bibs, field and essential training equipment. Playing shirts. Field markings.
  • Coaches Training & Assessment courses and equipment.
  • Referees Fees (where applicable).
  • Contribution to capital expenditure Items to cover club overheads: Club admin and accounting fees, telephone and internet, public liability insurance, buildings and content insurance, CCTV security, cleaning and waste removal, toilet supplies, health and safety compliance, floodlighting, storage facilities, club areas, furniture, kitchen and restaurant equipment and upkeep, canteen/kitchen equipment and compliance. Fire safety compliance, advertising and promotion.
  • Fees include full use of the club facilities, bar and restaurant throughout the year.
  • Family pass to all Senior NPL League home games for all registered Sunday junior players.

2. All players must self register online via the FFA My Football Club Website by the deadline as advertised and set by the club once the online system is open. (Rego Days and dates will be advised).

3. Payment of fees may only be made via the club – cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

4. All fees must be paid in full prior to the approval of the player , by the club registrar. In exceptional hardship circumstances, the club may consider a payment plan option. Any payment plan must be agreed in writing with the club executive before March 20th.

5. Payment Plans are for the cost of registration fees only, other costs cannot be included in a payment plan, e.g. cost of socks, shorts, or any other club merchandise!

  • Payment plans are set at the discretion of the Club.
  • Failure to comply with the payment plan will result in the automatic suspension of players until all arrears have been paid.

6. Any outstanding monies owing from previous seasons must be paid in full before any member will be eligible for membership with the club for the new season. This includes monies owing for Registration, Apparel and/or Fines. Team places will NOT be held, players will not be registered with the club.!

7. Refunds

  • No registration refunds will be given after a player has been graded and allocated to a team. Partial refunds may only be given at the discretion of the committee in exceptional circumstances. e.g. severe injury, excluding unrecoverable costs i.e, FFA and FW components.
  • No refunds will be provided if membership is revoked due to breaching Club codes of behaviour.

8. Volunteers Registration Fees Reimbursement

Wherever possible the club will, at its discretion arrange partial reimbursements, to  members that undertake any of the following volunteer roles.

  • Committee Members-a percentage reimbursement of senior & junior registration fees paid to club
  • Junior Team Coaches-a percentage reimbursement of all junior registration fees paid to club

Reimbursements will be paid via club membership card rebate after August 1 provided that the member is still undertaking the volunteer position and that the volunteer has been active and effective in their role, the decision to pay any reimbursements is at the discretion and approval of the committee, the committee may, at its discretion, make other volunteer reimbursements if deemed appropriate.!

9. Procedure for Player Suspension for non payment of fees

  • If after payment deadlines have passed and/or payment plans are not adhered to, the committee will take action to suspend a member from playing with the club until such time as corrective action has been taken to bring outstanding fees up to date. This will always be a last resort of the committee and would only happen if previous communications with members have been ignored. Please note if a team has to forfeit due to player availability, then some or all of this fine maybe passed on.
  • The decision to suspend players from participating can only be proposed by the Club Treasurer in consultation with the Club Registrar, with the agreement of at least one other Executive Committee member.
  • The player will be contacted, in writing, 24 hours before the next game and informed of the decision; the player’s coach will also be advised at the same time.
  • The player may only be allowed to play again at the recommendation of the Registrar or Treasurer once they have fulfilled the agreed requirements for payment.
  • All player registration payment details will be kept strictly confidential between the committee, the coach, and the member concerned.

10. Procedure for Player Fines / Red Cards

  • Players who are suspended by FW for disciplinary actions or red cards are personally responsible for payment of all fines and will be ineligible for selection until the fine/s is paid in full and penalties served.
  • Depending on the nature of the fine or Red card, MCFC retains the right to impose additional fines or bans at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Unpaid fines will be carried over to the next season and the member will not be eligible for registration until unpaid fines are paid in full. A position in the team will NOT be held. If the fine remains unpaid FW will be notified to ensure the player is not registered at another club while outstanding fees or fines remain unpaid.

All correspondence to the club should be made in writing or via email to!

Juniors Coordinator: Marc Manning —!

Senior Saturday Football — Tony Dyson —!